Navigating Food Allergies

As I’ve written about before, acne is something I’ve struggled with for more than a decade. It has taken its toll on me mentally, emotionally and physically. But acne is just one symptom of inflammation I’ve battled over the years.

Since middle school, I have had stomach issues. I used to think it was normal to bloat after every time I ate and I would go days without going to the bathroom. This left me feeling extremely uncomfortable and self-conscious but I never put much thought into why my body was reacting the way it was; that is until I went in for an annual physical in 2021.

Tired of not knowing why my body was inflamed every day, I asked my doctor to run whatever tests she thought would provide some long-awaited answers. After doing some bloodwork, I learned that I have dairy, wheat and egg allergies. Finally, an answer that could potentially lead to some major healing! I immediately gave up foods that contained those ingredients and saw some improvement with both my skin and my stomach. However, something was still not right and I was still experiencing symptoms of inflammation, including a new symptom of eczema around my armpits.

Unsure as to what else could be causing issues, I went to an allergist and learned that there is a hefty list of foods I’m allergic to. While these allergies make it difficult to eat out, they have helped me to become more adventurous in the kitchen and to take control of a situation that was daunting at first. When I want to try a new dish or dessert, I identify which ingredients in the recipe need to be substituted. If I’m not sure what to use as a replacement, I do a quick Google search. It’s amazing how much good food I am still able to eat despite these restrictions!

I have a big sweet tooth and knew that giving up dessert was not an option because of food allergies. Not only have I made some delicious treats, but I’ve been able to share them with others who also have food restrictions. And for people who don’t have food allergies, they like the desserts all the same! While it’s great that the recipes are free of the top food allergens and refined sugar, the best part is knowing I won’t feel sick after indulging in something delicious. Having food allergies doesn’t mean you have to eat boring food, and I look forward to sharing these tasty recipes with you!


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