Navigating Food Allergies

As I've written about before, acne is something I've struggled with for more than a decade. It has taken its toll on me mentally, emotionally and physically. But acne is just one symptom of inflammation I've battled over the years. Since middle school, I have had stomach issues. I used to think it was normal … Continue reading Navigating Food Allergies


3 Sweet and Simple Summer Mocktails

Mocktails are a great alternative drink because they're refreshing and don't leave you with a hangover the next day. As I've shared before, kombucha is full of health benefits, like aiding in digestion, strengthening the immune system, and keeping your gut healthy with probiotics. I have found ginger kombucha to be a great base for … Continue reading 3 Sweet and Simple Summer Mocktails

Moisturizer vs Body Lotion

If you have been using the lotion you put on your arms and legs on your face, now is the time to stop! Seriously, go invest in a face moisturizer. The skin on our face is more delicate than the skin on the rest of our body, so it's important that we useproper lotions and … Continue reading Moisturizer vs Body Lotion

Benefits of Drinking Tea

I have never liked the taste of artificially flavored water. In turn, I have never really cared for tea. Iced, hot, you name it... I wouldn't drink it. The taste of coffee is also one that I can't stomach, so water has always been my go-to morning drink of choice. However, tea is full of … Continue reading Benefits of Drinking Tea

How to Meal Prep

Meal prepping was a foreign concept to me up until about two years ago. Honestly, the idea of cooking food for the whole week seemed really overwhelming, especially since cooking isn't my specialty. I also was unsure of what to cook and doubted the ability to stick to a meal prep plan. Luckily, the internet … Continue reading How to Meal Prep

Healthy Chocolate Bark

As I've mentioned before, I have a sweet tooth that can get the best of me sometimes. Chocolate is a serious weakness! While snacking on fruit is a healthy alternative to curbing those sweet cravings, sometimes you just have to eat some chocolate. With that said, this chocolate bark recipe is not only easy to … Continue reading Healthy Chocolate Bark

Natural Eyelash Growth and Other Castor Oil Benefits

Eyelashes are a growing trend in the beauty industry. I remember wearing fake eyelashes in high school for special occasions. However, the idea of wearing glue-on eyelashes seems to be fading, as more and more people are booking appointments for eyelash extensions. While they look great, the upkeep is too much for me, and I'm … Continue reading Natural Eyelash Growth and Other Castor Oil Benefits

Ways to Drink More Water

Did you know that up to 60% of the adult human body is made up of water? Considering that's more than half, I think it's safe to say that it's important we drink a lot of water throughout the day. There are several reasons why drinking water is so beneficial. To name a few, water … Continue reading Ways to Drink More Water

Spring Time Salad

As I've mentioned before, cooking is not my strong suit. That is one reason why I love making salads! Not only are they simple to assemble, but they taste great. Did I mention you can add nearly any topping to a bed of lettuce? Today on the blog, I'm sharing one of my favorite salad … Continue reading Spring Time Salad

Healthy Fruit Platter

I have a sweet tooth that can get out of control, especially during my menstrual phase. Seriously, I purposefully keep sweets and sugary treats out of my house because otherwise I will eat them all. Luckily, fruit has a sweet taste and is good for you! This fruit platter is not only incredibly easy to … Continue reading Healthy Fruit Platter